Accessibility - Why is it so important?

Cormac Chisholm(opens in a new Tab)

May 10th, 2022


2 min read

So, why is accessibility important?

I feel strange talking about morals, but at its heart accessibility is just the moral thing to do. That said, it benefits everybody. If you’re interested in making the business case for accessibility, here’s a great article opens in a new tabThis link opens in a new tab.

As an individual you still might think that accessibility isn’t important. You may think that “It doesn’t apply to me or anybody that I know”.

Here’s the kicker.

We’re part of an aging population of technology dependant users, so what happens when all of a sudden your vision or hearing starts to become impaired with age. What happens when you break an arm and you can’t use your keyboard for work until its healed? What happens when all of the services you relied upon using in person are forced online by a global pandemic, and you’re forced to use tools that weren't built with these needs in mind?

You’re forgotten about.

As builders, creators and makers we have a duty, not just to others, but to ourselves to tackle accessibility so nobody gets forgotten about. Because at the end of the day we’re all only human.

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